Beat the House in Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud is a game that is like all others in the casino in that a lot of luck is involved.  The house edge is something that you have to consider because it is telling you your odds of winning any one hand.  Knowing the house edge and how to whittle away at it will put you in the best possible position each and every time you sit down to play, whether it is in a brick and mortar casino or an online casino.

Focus on Strong Starting Hands

How do you beat the house in Caribbean Stud poker?  First and foremost, you need to really look at your hand.  So many people give the house a better edge because they don’t pay attention to detail.  Many players look at their cards and think they see a great combination but they didn’t pay attention to suit or color so when they show their hand they realize they didn’t have a chance of winning against the dealer.  Really paying attention to your cards will help you reduce your losses long term.

Next, you need to remember that pairs are always on your side in the game of Caribbean Stud.  Many players assume that high pairs are beneficial but they forget that low pairs, even twos are beneficial.  Why is this a good way to beat the house in Caribbean Stud poker?  It works because statistically speaking your pair, even a low pair, will beat the dealer’s hand.  While a pair will not help you win 100% of the time, it will put you at a better advantage than most other combinations of cards.

Another way to have a better chance to beat the house in Caribbean Stud poker is to choose to play when you have an Ace King combination.  An Ace King combination is almost always worth playing, even if you do not have any other valuable cards.  Of course, if you had a pair or a queen and a jack with the Ace and the King this would be even better, but if you have just the two cards you usually can whittle away at that house edge, giving yourself a better chance of winning.  A lot of players will fold even with this combination if the dealer has an Ace.  If the dealer has an Ace you need to decide for yourself in the moment whether you believe the hand is worth playing.

Stick to What Works

These are the best was to beat the house edge in Caribbean Stud poker.  While there may be other ways that you will develop after playing for some time, these are tried and true strategies that will work for you in any casino, whether you are playing online or offline.  You can use one or both options in each game, putting yourself in the best possible position with each hand.  If you have neither a pair or an Ace King you are really increasing the house edge and have a very small chance of winning.

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