Caribbean Stud Tips

Caribbean Stud is unlike any other game that you can play in the casino.  Because it has its own rules and is truly its own game, having some Caribbean Stud tips can help you maximize your game play so you have a better chance of winning.  The more Caribbean Stud tips that you have in your mind the more you can erode the house edge so work the odds in your favor.  While the game is largely left to chance, with a bit of knowledge you can use the skill that is incorporated to your benefit.

There are some common mistakes that are made in the game of Caribbean stud, including bluffing.  Bluffing doesn’t work in this game because the dealer is not going to fold.  Attempting to bluff in this game will only cost you money.

You always want to rise when you have a pair or better.  A pair will generally beat the dealers hand more often than it loses.  Remember, this holds true even for low pairs such as twos and threes.

Don’t raise just because you have an Ace.  Many players fall into the trap of thinking because they have an Ace they are going to beat the dealers hand and this just isn’t true.  While an Ace is a good start, you should fold unless you have an Ace King or better.

Don’t forget to bet on the progressive jackpot.  Putting just a dollar bet on the progressive jackpot could mean that you get six figures in winnings if you have a winning hand.  There is usually a designated spot for the progressive jackpot bet, so don’t forget this.

Remember to leave your emotions outside of the game.  Emotional players never fare as well as those who check their emotions at the door.  Everyone loses, it is the nature of the game, so don’t allow your losing streak to create more problems.

Make sure that you are playing with the right casino.  This is one of the more important Caribbean Stud tips because where you play really does matter.  Different online casinos offer larger progressive jackpots, have different rules, and others have deposit bonuses that may be worth your while.  There are a lot of great casinos, you just have to check them all out to ensure that you are really maximizing your game play.

Really look at your cards when you view your hand.  Don’t be in so much of a hurry that you assume that you have a better hand than you do.  Look at color and suit closely before you place them back down on the table.  This double checking will allow you to make the best decision possible when you have the opportunity to play or fold.

Don’t listen to superstition.  A lot of people will tell you that winning and losing comes in streaks and this simply isn’t true.  Also, following a “gut feeling” is never a good idea.  Instead of listening to superstition, follow the same strategy throughout and you will be much better served. Caribbean Stud is just a fun game to play, along with Online Craps for Real Money.

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