When playing Caribbean Stud Poker, most players hope that the game will be fair for everyone involved. Unfortunately there are players who want to cheat the system or the casino to be able to win cash. This is unfair to regular players who just want to enjoy the game for fun as well as win a prize. When players cheat at the game it takes away from the players who want to be fair. Below is a detailed description of how players are cheating at the game of Caribbean Stud Poker.

Ways of Cheating

There are several ways that players can cheat at the game. Whether players are at a home game or casino they can use the methods to cheat and win cash at the host’s expense. One method of cheating is called Past Posting. Past Posting is when a player will replace their wager with larger chips after the bet is won. An example of this would be if the player had posted a $5 chip bet and then they win the hand and replace the bet with a $10 while the dealer is not looking.

Marking Cards

Another method of cheating would be marking cards during game play. A player can use various methods to mark the cards such as bending them slightly. This will allow the player to know which cards other players are holding as well as the dealer so they can wager appropriately. This method also gives the player an unfair advantage.

Hand Mucking

Another method is called Hand Mucking. This is when a player will hold on to good cards and then switch them for lesser cards to be able to create a winning hand. Players could also bring in their own cards that match the deck being used so they will have good cards that they could use during game play.

Collusion methods can also be used. This is when two or more players are cheating together at the same game. Players are not supposed to know the value of other player’s cards so players who are working together will use predetermined signals to be able to let each other know the value of their cards so they can place wagers accordingly.

Using Dealers

Another aspect of cheating that can be used is when the player will be in cahoots with the casino dealer. Players sometimes will offer dealers cash to help them cheat. One method that can be used in partnership will a dealer is to use previously marked cards in game play. The dealer would use a deck of cards that the cheating player has provided. The player will have marked the cards how they see fit and then they would be able to know which cards are in play.

Players can also get the dealer to produce a false deal. A false deal is when the dealer will take a second card from the top. This method is usually used when marked cards are involved. The dealer can also deal from the bottom of the deck. This method is usually used when desirable cards are placed at the bottom of the deal. If the dealer is practiced at these methods they can perform them without players or security catching on.

Despite the above cheating methods, most casinos have procedures in place to prevent cheating from happening. Casinos use certain ways of shuffling cards as well as dealing, storing the cards when not in used as well as opening new decks of cards to be able to ensure they have not been tampered with. Casinos also have surveillance systems in place that are monitored around the clock by experienced security officials who watch for player cheating. Overall casinos try their best to ensure that every game they provide is fair for every player.


Cheating is usually punishable by law or at least will get the player banned from the casino. In the state of Nevada, the Mecca of gambling will charge a player with a felony if they are cheating at a casino. In other states laws are different and the punishment is usually left up to the casino so players will most likely be blacklisted. Whatever the case may be, cheating is frowned upon and will most likely land a player in big trouble instead of in the money.

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