Bad Starting Hands

Everyone knows when they sit down to play a game of cards you are either going to be dealt a good hand or bad hand. This is a general known fact when playing cards and it applies to all games including Caribbean Stud Poker. The worst part of playing a card game such as Caribbean Stud Poker is when you get a bad starting hand. If you are familiar with the bad starting hands then you know you most likely need to fold. Understanding bad starting hands in Caribbean Stud Poker will help you make an informed decision when it comes to folding on placing a wager. Below is a detailed list of bad starting hands for the card game.

Worst Hands

The worst starting hand is a High Card hand. This is the weakest hand in the game of Caribbean Stud Poker and you will most likely want to fold this hand unless of course you are feeling lucky. A High card hand is a hand that has just one high card. An example of this hand would be a Queen-4-2-9-8. The only card value this hand will have is the high card.

The second worst hand is a hand with a Pair. This hand is a five card hand in which two of the cards are a pair. An example of this hand would be a Queen of hearts-Queen of spades-4-8-2. This hand can be of any value starting with a two and ending with an ace. With this hand if another player has a pair as well then the player with the high card will win.

Next up is the Two Pair hand. This hand has two sets of pairs. An example of this hand would be a hand with King of hearts-King of spades-nine of hearts-nine of spades-eight of clubs. This hand is definitely better than the above two hands but is still not exactly what you want to see when you are starting a game of Caribbean Stud Poker.

Next up is a Three of a kind hand. This hand has three cards of the same value and two cards that are different. An example of this hand would be an 8 of hearts-8 of spades-8 of diamonds-king-queen. Next up is the Straight hand. This hand is a five card hand that has cards in a sequence of numbers but they are not the same suit. An example of this hand would be five of diamonds-six of hearts-seven of clubs-eight of hearts-nine of clubs. With this hand if two players have a straight then the winner would be the one with the largest high card.

The last hand to mention is the Flush hand. This is not the worst hand but it is not the best either. This hand is around the middle of hands available during Caribbean Stud Poker. This hand is when players have five cards of the same suit. This hand can be a strong one to have but it is also hard to come by. Players will probably want to play this hand but if you post a progressive side bet you will only win a small prize.


As you can see these hands are not the best to have when players are enjoying Caribbean Stud Poker. If you see these hands when you are playing the game you might want to consider folding. You will lose your ante but it may be the best decision in the end. The bad starting hands do not qualify for a jackpot prize, except the Flush, so if you do decide to play the hand then you will not be able to win a progressive jackpot. So if you do play you will be out the $1 side bet if it was placed. Hopefully your next hand will be much better and you will be able to win cash as well as the progressive jackpot if the side bet is placed. Overall if you learn the above information you will be able to make better decisions when playing Caribbean Stud Poker.

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