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An introduction to Caribbean Stud strategy…

Caribbean Stud is a game that is played all over the world by many people.  It is a game that transcends geographical borders as well as language.  While the game is played all over the world, the same Caribbean stud strategy is used.  There are a few strategies that will give you much better odds if you stick to them than others.  The goal for each player is to pick their strategy and stick to it throughout each hand.  Changing strategies midway through your game play may spell trouble.

The most overlooked Caribbean Stud strategy is the playing of pairs.  When you look at your hand and you see pairs you should always choose to play.  Many players assume that this Caribbean stud strategy should only be followed if you have high pairs, but this is not the case.  You don’t want to look over any set of pairs because your chances are good with low pairs.  Generally speaking, a pair of any number, even twos has a relatively good chance of beating the dealer’s hand.  Always, always play pairs.  This is a simple but good Caribbean stud strategy.  Even better, you don’t have to memorize any set pair of cards to make this work for you.

Don’t overlook the Ace King combination.  An Ace King combination will always decrease the house edge and increase your chance of winning.  Of course, the better the accompanying cards the better your chance is to win.  That being said, it is always a good idea to play the Ace King combination.  This is another simple strategy because all you have to do is remember Ace and King and you are ready to play.  Some players believe that you have to have other specific cards to make this work, but an Ace King combination is always favorable.

The best Caribbean stud strategy is one that is free of emotion.  Those who bring emotion to the game are less likely to win because they make decisions not based on hands that are more or less likely to help them win, instead they are making decisions based on intuition or gut feelings, which simply is not the way to win!  Knowing winning combinations such as pairs and the Ace King combination are more likely to help put you in the best position possible,

Additionally, your Caribbean stud strategy is one that should not involve superstitions. Many people have ideas about what has worked and not worked in the past and they start viewing this as fact.  Superstition may work well for you in the short term, but it is not something that will pan out over time, so it is better not to put the house at an even better standing because of the way you feel.  Always, always, always check your emotions and the door and stick with combinations of cards that are more likely to put you ahead.

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