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Learning how to play Caribbean Stud is easier than ever before because of the internet.  With the internet the game is readily accessible any time of the day or night.  This means you can learn from the comfort of your own home without more experienced players giving you funny looks or others waiting to sit at the table.

Learning how to play Caribbean Stud is simple.  You will play at a table that is meant specifically for Caribbean Stud and the first thing you will do is place your ante on the designated area.  From here the dealer will call “no more bets” which means new players cannot join and the ante cannot be changed.

Next, the dealer will deal himself as well as all of the player’s five cards, all of which are dealt face down.  When the cards are dealt the dealer will immediately turn over one of his cards.  The players are then allowed to look at their cards without showing them to the dealer or any of the other players at the table.  After the players have looked at their cards, they place them face down on the table and are not allowed to touch them again.  After looking at the hand the players will need to choose whether they want to play or if they want to fold.

Players who want to continue the game will need to place a bet that is double the amount of their ante and this is done on a specific part of the Caribbean Stud table layout. Placing the bet is the signal to all other at the table, including the dealer that the player intends to continue play.  After all players have made their choice the dealer will reveal his hold cards.  The dealer will choose to play with anything Ace King or higher.  Now all of the player’s cards will be turned over and the hands will be compared to that of the dealer.  The players with the higher ranking hands will win the game and receive payouts based on their hand and the amount of their bet.

Caribbean Stud is a game that varies in terms of house edge.  The house edge varies based on the hand that you have and the strategy that you follow.  The house edge will range from just over two percent to over five percent.  If players always play with the Ace King combination every time they whittle away at that house edge and the game is more favorable to them.  Having a strategy and sticking to it will also help you be a more consistent player and eventually you will have to win.

Learning how to play Caribbean Stud online is not difficult.  If you have played other variants such as Texas Hold’em you’ll find that it comes very naturally.  It is a fast paced poker game but is so much fun that people come back again and again for the pure joy that the game brings, win or lose.

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