Play Caribbean Stud Online

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How To Play:

  1. Place your bet (from $1 up to $500) on the “Ante” spot by clicking the casino chips
  2. Now is also the time to place your bet on the “Progressive Jackpot” button if you want to play for the big jackpot
  3. Hit the “Deal” button – you will be dealt 5 cards. You will be able to see 1 of the dealer’s cards as well as your 5
  4. Now is when you can use our basic Caribbean Stud strategy guide to decide if you’re going to “Fold” your weak starting hand or continue betting a strong hand – if so you need to “Raise”
  5. If you fold, you forfeit both your ante as well as your progressive bet (if selected). The hand is over
  6. If you raise, it will be for exactly twice (2x) the amount of your ante bet. This is one of the games basic rules. For example if your ante was $100, your raise will be $200
  7. Immediately after you hit the “Raise” button the dealer will reveal his cards and it will be determined if you’re a winner
  8. If you want to play again, simply click “Rebet” to start a new hand with the same wager setup as your last hand


An overview of Caribbean Stud…

Learning how to play Caribbean stud is not at all difficult, it just takes a little practice.  It is going to be much easier to learn if you have played other variants of poker before.   There are a lot of websites to play the game on and most follow the same general rules.  To start the game all of the players will need to place and ante on the area designated on the table.  After a few moments the dealer will say “no more bets” which means no more players can place their ante.

From here the dealer will deal himself and all of the player’s five cards, all of which are placed face down.  The dealer will then turn over one of the five cards and the players are allowed to look at all of their cards without showing them to the dealer or any other player at the table.  After the players have looked at their cards the players will have the opportunity to play or to fold based on what they have seen in their hand as well as the dealers hand.

If players want to continue play they will have to place a bet that is twice the amount of their ante in the appropriate place, this is the signal to other players and the dealer that the player will be in for the next stage of the game.  After all of the players have made their decision to play or fold the dealer will reveal his hole cards.  When you play Caribbean stud online the dealer will only play with an Ace/king or higher.  From here all of the player’s cards will be compared to the dealer’s cards and those who have hands that are rated higher than the dealers hand will win and receive payouts based on the quality of their hand.

As you can see, learning to play Caribbean stud online is not difficult at all.  It is a very straight forward game that flows quite quickly with each player having the option to fold as soon as they see the dealer’s first card.  Depending on the hand that you create you stand to win quite a bit, although the house edge will range from about 2.4% to over 5% depending on specific rules and the hand that you put together.  Learning to play Caribbean stud online is a great idea because you can play free games to get your feet wet and then you can play for real money when you feel you’re experienced enough. If you end up deciding that Caribbean Stud Poker is not for you, another choice is to play Texas Hold’em Poker. Both games are similar, but Texas Hold’em is a game played against other players instead of the house.

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